Thanks to all who voted - I WON!!!!

Unbelievable - I won for the first time in my life (except of some childrens jewerly at the age of 3)!

Interesting that contest results were sent out on Sept 7, the day when the most beautiful part of contest's picture turned 6 months:)

Of course, I can't go on official ceremony to Moscow so I have to wait when prizes come by post. And when they're here, I'll definetely share the photos:) (hope our post service wouldn't lose anything).

So HUGE THANKS for voting!


6 month!

Our princess turned 6 months yesterday! They say that somebody else's children are growing quckly. No way - own children are growing even more quickly!:)

On this date we prepared an outfit

and made a bunch of photos.

It looks like our model enjoyed both outfit and photo session - she gladly posed.

Granny and grandpa presented her 2 albums - probably, to make a porfolio:)

And we spent day working, and bought no presents yet. But we'll do, sincerely:)


Home sweet home! Finally...

Sooner said than done... Yesterday (finally!) we moved into our renovated appartment. We spent long 6 months out of home with our relatives...

I have new-old working place, tons of work unpacking things, troubles with water system and baby who's very actively moving around (her dreams about crowling outside her bed came true:)) Home, oh, so sweet home:)!


Stand-up, sit down!!! Hurray!

My girl desided to make us a present on her 6-month birthday (which is tomorrow, Sept 7). In the morning, right after she woke up, she stood up TWICE and spent some time standing in the bed! Of course, not for a long time, and falled down on her knees several times, but stood up again. When she tired, finally, she felt not on her knees, but on her well, lower back;) and... she was sitting with one hand on me! Well, we're growing up!:)


First xstitching contest!

I'm taking part at the cross-stitching contest for the first time in my life:) Contest is for any stitched work that has babies on it and is going here.
I've decided to post the work I made as a present for doctor who helped me to deliver my precious daughter.
You could vote if you like it;) - just click on the small white button right below the photo.


Hi there or I finally did it!

Well, now I have it... Why I need it? Actually, I don't now... Whether I'll have time to post often or not? I don't know either:) But anyway - I did it so you could send me congrats and welcomes:)